72V Dual Car Hub Motor Kit

72V Dual Car Hub Motor Kit

72V Dual Car Hub Motor Kit

$1,829.00 $1,692.00

45.00 lbs

Quantity :
Provide a free disc brake.

The top speed can arrive at 120km/hr.

Motors are not included in the price.Click here to order Car Hub Motor 72V 7KW.
72V 7KW Car Hub Motor(12-inch)*2

Dual KLS-D Assembly*1
F7210-72V/10A Charger (110VAC Input)*1
0-5K Throttle Pedal*1
PC RS232 cable*1
USB to RS232 Converter*1
Control box*1
Kelly Charge meter*1
Bluetooth converter*1
Plug and Play cable between 0-5K pedal and assembly*1

Can do regenerative braking.
Best for car.
Please note charger input voltage, 110VAC or 220VAC.
110VAC Input: F7210-72V/10A Charger
220VAC Input: F7210 72V/10A Charger

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