96V Dual Car Hub Motor Kit

96V Dual Car Hub Motor Kit

96V Dual Car Hub Motor Kit

$3,199.00 $2,250.00

57.00 lbs


Upgrade to 120V System:

Quantity :
Provide a free disc brake.

The top speed can arrive at 160km/hr with 96V system.

The kit can work for 96V Lead Acid Batteries or 96V Lithium Batteries.
Please note the kit can work with 120V Lead Acid Batteries, but with 120V Lithium Batteries it may report overvoltage fault.

Motors are not included in the price.Click here to order Car Hub Motors.
Car Hub Motor(12-inch)*2

For 96V System:
Dual KLS8080I/IPS Assembly*1
F9607-96V/7A Charger (110VAC Input)*1
0-5K Throttle Pedal*1
PC RS232 cable*1
USB to RS232 Converter*1
Control box*1
Kelly 96Volt Charge Meter*1
Bluetooth converter*1
Plug and Play cable between 0-5K pedal and assembly*1

Can do regenerative braking.
Best for car.
Please note charger input voltage, 110VAC or 220VAC.
110VAC Input: F9607-96V/7A Charger
220VAC Input: F9607-96V/7A Charger

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