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    11th July 2010

    Round 3 of the TTXGP North American series hold at Mosport in Canada.

    It brought five teams from North American for the first electric motorcycle race in Canada. The course length of
    Mosport Raceway is 3.9km. How exciting the race was.

TTXGP North America Round3

    Jennifer Bromme finished in third place, riding a Mavizen TX02 equipped with Kelly KDHE controller.
    Jennifer and her team gave incredible performances and got her first time on the TTXGP podium. Her fastest
    lap time is 1:58.629.

TTXGP North America Round3

    Michael Hannas took fourth place. His bike is following the dual Agni motor design of the Mavizen and Team Agni
    bikes,using Kelly KDH12101B controller.
    Qualifying round results:
Pos. No. Rider Team Distance Laps Best Time Total Time
1 80 Michael Barnes Lightning Motors 31.656 km 8 1:35.278 12:55.780
2 27 Thad Wolff Team Electra 31.656 km 8 1:44.144 14:08.791
3 23 Jennifer Bromme (KDHE controllers) Werkstatt Racing 27.699 km 7 1:58.629 14:12.150
4 15 Michael Hannas (KDHB controllers) Electric Race Bikes 27.699 km 7 2:00.564 15:22.676
5 16 Steven Belknap Square Wave Racing 23.742 km 6 2:12.218 13:38.272

    6th June 2010

    Zero/Agni rider Zoe Rem and Werkstatt rider Jennifer Bromme got good results again, in the second
    round of the 2010 US TTXGP championship with Kelly controller.

    Round Two of the TTXGP North American Championship hold under cool and dry weather conditions. It is perfect
    for most electric racing bike.
    The race was started by Steven Li, the CEO of our company. We are the key supporter and supplier to the TTXGP
    World Series 2010.
    Zoe Rem took second place on the AGNI Motors bike, making her the first female rider to podium at a TTXGP race.

TTXGP championship

    Jennifer Bromme of Werkstatt won the fourth place. No.15 Mike Hannas got the sixth place with kelly KDH12120D
Pos. No. Rider Team Laps Best Time Best Speed
1 80 Michael Barnes Lightning Motors 5 2:57.689 82.053
2 22 Zoe Rem (KDC controllers) Agni Motors 5 2:55.874 82.900
3 37 Thad Wolff Team Electra 5 3:06.374 78.230
4 23 Jennifer Bromme (KDHE controllers) Werkstatt 5 3:11.849 75.997
5 20 James Pooler ElectricMotorsport 5 3:11.849 75.997
6 15 Mike Hannas (KDHD controllers) Electric Race Bikes 5 3:27.094 70.403
7 16 Scotty Ryan Square Wave Racing 4 3:57.668 61.346

    16th May 2010

    Zero/Agni rider Shawn Higbee won top price in the first round of the 2010 US TTXGP championship
    with Kelly KDC controller.

TTXGP championship

    TTXGP 2010 consists of 13 races. There will be four in the U.S. and the rest scattered around Europe.
    Two veteran AMA Superbike pilots fought for the the win in the first ever electric motorcycle road race in the US.
    It seems appropriate that the first race of this kind took place at Infineon Raceway (Sears Point) which is just a
    couple hours north of Silicon Valley, the home of high tech enterprise, The Bay Area is also the epicenter of
    Sportbike culture in the US as well.
    TTXGP North America round 1 was 11 laps around the 2.28 mile track, or about 25 miles. The best lap time of
    the race was by Higbee on the Zero/Agni bike with two Kelly KDC72600 controller, at a 1:56.948. Just for
    comparisons sake the best Superbike time of the weekend was 1:35.711 and the best SportBike time (usually
    600cc inline fours) was 1:38.440. Jennifer Bromme ranked fourth in the race with using two Kelly KDH12121E

TTXGP championship

    Congratulations to Zero/Agni on their good performances:
Pos. No. Rider Team Time Laps Best Lap Time
1 22 Shawn Higbee (KDC controllers) Zero/Agni 25.33.626 11 1:56.948
2 80 Michael Barnes Lightning Motorcycles 25:51.784 10 2:01.457
3 15 Mike Hannas (KDHD controllers) Electric Race Bikes 26:44.237 10 2:08.587
4 23 Jennifer Bromme (KDHE controllers) Werkstatt Racing 26:57.716 10 2:15.103
5 14 Kenyon Kluge KSquared Racing 29:54.606 10 2:16.393
6 18 Zoe Rem Pril Motors 27:51.617 9 2:41.026
7 16 John Wild Square Wave 26:21.047 8 2:44.726
8 20 Jason Lauritzen ElectricMotorsport 26:24.765 8 2:12.375

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