Mini Brushless Controller KBS(12V-72V)

  General Brushless Controllers (12V - 144V)

  Ebike Brushless Controller KEB(24V-84V)

  Mini DC Controller KDS(12V-72V)

  DC Series/PM/Sep-Ex Controller KDZ12V-120V)

  High Power Opto-Isolated 4Q PM DC Controller(72V-144V)

    Opto-Isolated DC Controller KDH(72V-156V)

  4Q PM DC Controller(12V-120V)

  AC Induction Motor Controller KIM(24V-72V)

  SVPWM Induction Motor and Controller KAC(48V-72V)

  Sensorless BLDC Controller KSL(12V-120V)

  Opto-Isolated Sep-Ex Controller with Regen HSE(72V-144V)


    Brushless Hub Motors

    Brushless Disc Motors

    Brushed PM Motors

    Separately Excited/Series Wound Motors





  DC/DC Converter





  Featured Products

Hub Motor 48V 800W(disc-brake)  Hub Motor 48V 800W(disc-brake)   $199.00  $179.00   27.00 
Hub Motor 48V1KW(disc-brake)  Hub Motor 48V1KW(disc-brake)   $239.00  $199.00   29.00 
Hub Motor 48V1.5KW(disc-brake)  Hub Motor 48V1.5KW(disc-brake)   $299.00  $269.00   31.00 
Hub Motor 48V 2KW(disc-brake)  Hub Motor 48V 2KW(disc-brake)   $359.00  $319.00   31.00 
Hub Motor 48V3KW (High Speed)(disc-brake)  Hub Motor 48V3KW (High Speed)(disc-brake)   $479.00  $449.00   49.00 
Hub Motor 48V3KW (High Torque)(disc-brake)  Hub Motor 48V3KW (High Torque)(disc-brake)   $479.00  $449.00   49.00 
Hub Motor 60V 800W(disc-brake)  Hub Motor 60V 800W(disc-brake)   $199.00  $179.00   27.00 
Hub Motor 60V 1KW(disc-brake)  Hub Motor 60V 1KW(disc-brake)   $239.00  $199.00   27.00 
Hub Motor 60V 1.5KW(disc-brake)  Hub Motor 60V 1.5KW(disc-brake)   $299.00  $269.00   31.00 
Hub Motor 60V 2KW(disc-brake)  Hub Motor 60V 2KW(disc-brake)   $359.00  $319.00   31.00 
Hub Motor 60V 3KW(disc-brake)  Hub Motor 60V 3KW(disc-brake)   $479.00  $449.00   40.00 
Hub Motor 72V 4.5KW (High Speed)(disc-brake)  Hub Motor 72V 4.5KW (High Speed)(disc-brake)   $539.00  $479.00   46.00 
Hub Motor 72V 4.5KW (High Torque)(disc-brake)  Hub Motor 72V 4.5KW (High Torque)(disc-brake)   $539.00  $479.00   46.00 
Hub Motor 72V 6KW(disc-brake)(10-inch)  Hub Motor 72V 6KW(disc-brake)(10-inch)   $499.00   38.00 
Hub Motor 72V 6KW(13-inch)  Hub Motor 72V 6KW(13-inch)   $719.00  $599.00   50.00 
Car Hub Motor 72V 7KW  Car Hub Motor 72V 7KW   $959.00  $799.00   60.00 
Kit for Disc-brake Motor  Kit for Disc-brake Motor   $99.00   6.00 
Motor Tyre (10-inch motor special)  Motor Tyre (10-inch motor special)   $39.00   7.00 
Motor Tyre (13-inch motor special) with Vacuum births  Motor Tyre (13-inch motor special) with Vacuum births   $79.00   7.00 
Special J2 Cable for Hub Motors  Special J2 Cable for Hub Motors   $19.00   1.00 
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New Products
  • KIM(24V-72V)


  • Kelly KBLE Controller(48-96VDC)


  • HPM(144VDC,700A Max)


  • KDHE(144VDC,1500A Max)



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