Car Hub Motor 72V 7KW

Car Hub Motor 72V 7KW

Car Hub Motor 72V 7KW

$959.00 $799.00

60.00 lbs


6 Pin Waterproof Connector:

Special J2 Cable for Hub Motors:

Quantity :
RPM: 1300

Applied with 15 inch Buick wheel.
Provide a free disc brake.
Kelly KBL72401E perfectly match with this motor.

Download Car Hub Motor Dimension
Download Motor Mounting Holes for Wheel
Download Motor Disk Brake Dimension
Download Motor Performance Curve(Test with 72V Battery)

Wiring Diagram:
The first group hall sensor The second group hall sensor Hall sensor on controller
YellowGrayYellow(Hall A)
GreenPurpleGreen(Hall B)
BlueWhiteBlue(Hall C)

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