Electric Skateboard[NR-36-90]

Electric Skateboard

Electric Skateboard[NR-36-90]


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Discover a wider world with the NeuRide Board:
1,The deck is crafted with 8 layers of maple material and 1 layer of emery paper. It is very durable, elastic, stable and flexible. The NeuRide motorized skateboard allows riders to have more traction while riding it. The max load is 440lbs.
2,High Power Lithium Battery: allows the NeuRide skateboard up to 18.6 miles (30kms) on one single full charge.
3,Red-Blue light: Low-speed mode, Red-Blue-Green Light: Medium-speed mode, Red-Green Light: High-speed mode, Green Light: 100% battery capacity, Blue light: 50% battery capacity, Red Light: 25% battery capacity.
4,Red-light flashing when the skateboard is off.
5,Red-light when the remote controller is being charged, Green light when the remote controller is on.
6,Low-Speed mode when it turns on right away; press once for medium-speed mode, Press twice for high-speed mode.
7,LED indicators let you know the skateboards battery capacity. It will give you 3 beeps once it is about to run out of battery. Please break at low speed when it does.
Most Portable Design:
-Is it only a smart light electric, or the best one in the world?
-extremely portable for students, good for office workers, and skateboard lovers.
-Light enough to carry anywhere, powerful enough to go everywhere.
-Move through traffic and go anywhere you want to.
-Convenient to get to the metro, bus, train and through campus.
NEURIDE Motorized Electric Skateboard:
Dimensions: 915mm (L)*280mm (W)*120mm (H)
Max Range: 18.6 miles (30km)
Three Speed Modes:
Low-speed mode: 9.5 MPH (15 km/h)
Medium-speed mode: 12.5MPH (20 km/h)
High-speed mode: 15.5 MPH (25 km/h)
Max Climb Angle: 27%
Net Weight: 16.5lbs (7.5kg)
Max Load: 440lbs (200kg)
Deck Material: 8 layers of maple material and 1 layer of emery paper.
Control Range: 10 meters.
Certification: CE, RED, EMC, LVD, CTR, SAR, MSDS, UN38.3
Battery: 36V 4.4AH Lithium Battery.
Charge Time: 3 Hours.
Input Voltage: AC 110V (90V-130V) or AC 220V (200V-240V) Wheel Size: 900mm*500mm.
Motor: 500W Dual Brushless motors with hall sensor (250W each).
Braking System: ABS and Regenerative Brake.
Frequency/Modulation type: 2.4GHz DSSS.
Operating Frequency Band: 2402MHz~2480MHz.
Maximum RF power: 9.37dBm EIRP.
Can support CE/EMC etc Certification.
Durable Deck:
The deck is crafted with 8 layers of maple material and 1 layer of emery paper. It is very durable, elastic, stable, and flexible, not easy deformed. It allows riders to have more traction while riding NeuRide motorized skateboard.
Perfect Control:
2.4G RF Technology Wireless remote will establish a secure link between riders and the skateboard. Three speed modes, easy to switch.
(1) Forward/ Braking switch
(2)Speed button:
Low-speed mode at power on;
Press once will enter medium-speed mode;
Press twice will enter high-speed mode;
Press three will stop and show battery status;
(3)Forward/Backward switch
(4)Power switch: turn on/turn off
(5)Charge spot.
You could easily to know the skateboard battery capacity via the LED indicators on the remote controller, it will give be-be-be alarm when the electric skateboard battery energy is about to run out. Please brake at low speed.
Powerful Ride.
500W Brushless Motors - Dual 250W Motors.
Long Distance - 18.6 Miles (30KM) Range.
Strong Climbing Ability - 27% Grade Hill Climbing.
Fast Skateboard - 15.5 MPH Top Speed.
Solid polyurethane tires - durable, shock-absorbing wheels provide an unbelievably smooth riding experience.
Kelly High Power Waterproof Controller.
Kelly controller greatly improves its comfort and reliability, brings riders amazing riding experience.
Most Portable Design.
NEURIDE is a smart light electric skateboard in the world, extremely portable for students, office worker and skateboard lovers.
Light enough to carry anywhere; powerful enough to go everywhere.
Move through traffic; go everywhere you want, metro, bus, train, and campus.
Overall IP54 Waterproof.
NEURIDE is a fully splash resistant electric skateboard, no need to worry while you slide it on wet road.
Longer Cruising Mileage.
High Power Lithium Battery - Allows the NeuRide skateboard to go up to 18.6 miles (30 km) on a singles charge.
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