F6012-60V/12A Charger

F6012-60V/12A Charger

F6012-60V/12A Charger


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220VAC Input Charger

We provide high quality 220VAC input charger. It can be used in fields of electric golf car, tricycle, cleaning truck, portage truck, tourist car, yacht battery used in generator and etc.

Lead time is 5-7 business days.
The charger can be used on Lithium battery, lead-acid liquid battery (may add liquid to the battery periodically) and maintenace-free battery. When place an order online, please make a comment on your battery type. If it is a lithium battery, please provide its parameters.
Dimensions: 230mm(L)*135mm(W)*70mm(H)
Input voltage: AC 220V 50/60Hz
Max output current: 12A
Battery voltage: 60V
It is only for fixed voltage. 60V charger is only for 60V batteries.

1. Full automatic transition of CC, CV and Float/cut-off
2. Precise limit of voltage & current, guarantee fully charged and avoid over charge
3. Protections: over current, over voltage, short circuit and reverse polarity
4. High Efficiency: 95%-98%, PFC: 0.96
5. Two LED indicators, Aluminium, Robust, Elegant and Reliable.
6. CE & C-Tick Certified, High Quality
7. Patent Pending

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