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Product Description
Hub Motor 48V3KW (High Torque)(disc-brake)
Hub Motor 48V3KW (High Torque)(disc-brake)
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Price:  $479.00 $449.00

Weight : 49.00 lbs
In stock

KTY83-122 Thermistor: Install it to the motor before shipping out.(+$19.00) 
Special J2 Cable for Hub Motors: Directly connect Kelly controller J2 port to the hub motor,very easy to operate,could avoid confusion about the wiring and save much time.(+$19.00) 
6 Pin Waterproof Connector: (+$3.00) 

Brushless Hub Motor

We provide high efficient, high performance brushless hub motor. It can be used for e-bike, electric motorcycle, and small electric car, etc.

Shipping will be charged according to actual cost.

Download Performance Data

Download Dimension Drawing

Dimension : 13-inch

Optional Items:
A KTY83-122 Thermistor can be installed to the motor before shipping out. It will cost $19.
Special J2 cable for the hub motor will cost $19.
6 pin waterproof connector will cost $3.

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