KCX Series 48V/30A Charger

KCX Series 48V/30A Charger

KCX Series 48V/30A Charger


22.00 lbs

Quantity :

220VAC Input Charger

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Parameters :
Model: KCX-48V/30A
Lead time is 4 business days.
The charger can be used on lead-acid liquid battery (may add liquid to the battery periodically) and maintenace-free battery. When place an order online, please make a comment on your battery type.
Dimensions: 310mm(L)*220mm(W)*160mm(H)
Input voltage: AC 220V
Input frequency: 50HZ-60HZ
Operating temperature: :-25℃ ~+40℃
Battery voltage: 48V
Output current: 30A
It is only for fixed voltage. 48V charger is only for 48V batteries.
Humidity: less than 80%
Support battery: "lead-acid liquid batteries" or "no maintenance batteries".

Description :
1. Output short protection
2. Battery reversed connect protection
3. System over temperature protection
4. Automatically turn off when battery is full.
5. Battery auto-detect
6. The charge process shown by LED;
7. The charge process controlled by CPU

Used in electric golf car, car, police car, portage truck, tourist car, boat, dragged car and etc.

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