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Winners of the BCN Smart Moto Challenge 2016! - Kelly Controls, LLC

Winners of the BCN Smart Moto Challenge 2016!

Here is a letter from our customer e-Ride ETSEIB Team.

We are writing in order to announce that thanks to you we could win the Smart Moto Challenge Barcelona 2016!

The Barcelona SMC 4th edition, took place in Barcelona Circuit from the 7th of July until the 10th of that same month. The competition started

Thursday afternoon, when all the 13 teams were welcomed. The scrutineering, a event that proves that the bike is safe enough to drive in road conditions,

begun that afternoon. Some of the tests the bike has to pass in order to be endorsed are brake tests or suspension tests. This event finished on friday

morning and our bike, TRO, passed it with no problems. We only suffered a little bit when the bike was soaked for the leak test! ;)

Dynamic events took off on Saturday with the acceleration event, the one lap autocross event and the endurance event. These challenged both the

resistance and the mobility of the motorbike. The business plan presentation also took place on Saturday, which consisted on presenting the production

and marketing costs to simulate a situation where the motorbike was put on public sale.

The last events took part on sunday the 10th, which were the cones event and the defense of electronics, dynamics and smart components of the TRO.

After lots of months working on the prototype, we could finally see all the efforts, both yours and ours, put into the TRO rewarded by winning three

awards in the competition.On one hand, it won the first prize in the Static Events. This rewards the business plan defense, the general design on the

motorbike and it's smart components On the other hand, it won the first prize in the Dynamic Events, related to the acceleration, auto track, endurance

and cones events.

Finally, it was awarded the Overall Winner prize. This prize is given to the overall winner motorbike.

All these awards were given in the Type A category, which includes motorbikes with motors smaller or equal to 2kW.

For all this and your support all trough the project, we would like to thank you for your help again. Without you and your good will this would not even

had been possible. Thank you for having believed in the e-Ride ETSEIB team. We are very proud of the obtained results and we would like you to share

this joy with us.

It's our KLS7240DC controller.