The assembly has included the main contactor,precharge resistor,fuse,wires and so on located at an aluminum plate.You only need to connect the external device to the controller via 14pin plastic connector.It will save you much wiring time. single motor controller assembly
dual motor controller assembly
motor controller kit Kelly provides various kits for DC EVs conversion. All items showed in the pictures are included in the kit. More cheap and easy to use.
This kit includes:
• Mars 3001 BLDC Motor
• Kelly KBL48301 Controller
• Kelly Compact Assembly
• F4815-48V/15A Charger
• Throttle Hall 0-5V Twist Grip
• Kelly Charge Meter
• Kelly Current Meter
• PC RS232 Cable
• USB To RS232 Converter

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hub motor
Hub Motor
kelly bldc motor
110/220VAC Battery Charger
110VAC battery charger
Kelly 110V/220VAC input chargers allow for fast charging of Lithium battery, lead-acid liquid batteries and no maintenance batteries. Safety is assured by output short protection, over temperature protection, reversed connect protection. The charge process is shown by LED.
DC/DC Converter
DC/DC Converter
Most modern EVs use a DC/DC converter which is high performance, reliability and cost-effectiveness. It is an electronic power supply that takes DC power from the EV's battery pack, and provides an isolated 12/24 volt output to power Kelly opto-isolated controllers, and to power all of the original 12 volt accessories: lights, horn, etc.
Input voltage: DC 48/60/72/84/96/108/120/144V
Output voltage: DC 12/13.5/24V
Main Contactor
Main Contactor
Kelly main contactor is used with DC systems. It is designed and manufactured for electric vehicle conversions. It features a magnetic blowout to eliminate arcing. A diode protects other components from current spikes when the field is collapsed. Over the main contactor, you can use the weak current loop to switch on/off the strong current loop. It is necessary for the high power controllers, especially for the opto-isolated one. Usually you need install the precharge resistor in parallel with the terminals of the main contactor.
Reversing Contactor
Reversing Contactor
Series motor controllers and half-bridge motor controllers can not change motor direction by themselves. Installation of the Reversing Contactor can provide both forward and reverse motor control.
amperemeter,ampere meter,ampermeter Kelly ammeter reads the motor current with time in percentages. It is available for a wide range of different applications.
amperemeter,ampere meter,ampermeter Kelly charge meter measures the voltage in your battery pack and reads in percentages from full to empty. It is reliable and accurate.
amperemeter,ampere meter,ampermeter Digital multimeter is absolutely essential when doing a conversion. With this tool, you can determine whether or not your wires are connected to the proper places. It is also used to diagnose a problem.
amperemeter,ampere meter,ampermeter Digita Tachometer DT2234A
• 5 digit large LCD display
• Measurement range: 2.5 - 99999 rpm
• Best resolution: 0.1 rpm
• Accuracy: +/- 0.05% + 1 digit
• Working distance: 50 mm - 500 mm
• Memory: auto recording for MAX/MIN/LAST measurement data
Thermometer TM6902D:
• 3 1/2 digit large LCD display;
• Compact size;
• Data hold function;
• Temperature range: -50C - 750C(TM6902D);
• Resolution: 1C
• Basic accuracy: 0.75% + 1digit.
Electronic Digital Caliper:
• Large size screen, easy to read
• Manual power on or off
• Zero setting at any position
• Metric or Inch system interchange at any position
• With data output interface Digital electronic caliper with strong stainless steel construction.
You can make absolute or relative inside, outside, depth, and step measurements.
Battery Discharge Indicator. It indicates state-of-charge in 10 LED display. Easy to install via a simple 2 wire connection.
Pedals and Sensors
Control box
Kelly control box excellence on lightweight, low cost and easy to use. The control box is to simulate the key switch, throttle, brake and reversing signal. You can use it to test the controller or assembly on bench easily.
The potbox is the pedal in an EV. Usually it is used in the electric car or hybrid vehicle. It tells the controller how much current is needed to be sent to the motor. The box translates foot pressure into a variable resistance to let the controller know how fast you want to go. You can choose either 0-5K pot or 0-5V hall active pedal according to the application.
Hall effect, three wire twist grip throttle.
Simple to install and maintain.
Specifically designed for your bike.
Standard Thumb Throttle
Thumb Throttle with 48V Charge Indicator
The main fuse is an essential safety component of the motorcycle.
It is used to connect peripherals and signal to Kelly controllers. We provide it for free. But we recommend you order J1/J2 cables from us which are of exquisite workmanship and cheaper price.
Cable with Terminations
There are two kinds of specification.
cross-sectional area is 25mm2 or 35mm2.
Kelly J1/J2 Cable
It is well build and all terminals are labeled.J1 Cable,KBL/KEB J2 Cable and KDH/PM/KDC J2 Cable

Kelly PC RS232 Cable is used to build communication between controller and desktop.

A SCI port is provided to communicate with RS232 of host computer for calibration and configuration. It is only used for KD, KDS, KDHD series controllers.
KTY83-122 Thermistor
Motor temperature sensor
Wiring nose
Silica Grease
It is primarily used in the electronics to assist a heatsink to draw heat away from a semiconductor component. You can apply it to the aluminium plate for controller heat dissipation.