KLS  Brushless Motor Controller

KLS controller is a Sinusoidal Wave Brushless DC Motor Controller. It is supposed to reduce the noise of BLDC motors.

KLS8080N Motor Controller

KLS controllers reduce the noise of BLDC motors, especially for hub motors.​

Kelly KAC Sealed SVPWM AC Induction Motor Controller

Kelly KAC programmable AC Induction motor controller provides efficient, smooth and quiet controls for electric vehicles. ​

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At Kelly Controls our mission is to promote technology which delivers high quality performance for an affordable price, leading towards a clean and sustainable future. Our expansive production line covers a wide range of essential motor products and accessories, including controllers for electric vehicles, boats, and gliders, designed for industry purpose as well a recreational use. Our commitment to producing top of the range products and our dedicated ethos make us one of the world’s leading manufacturers in the controller sector; innovation, growth, and high quality are the driving forces behind our company’s success.