Kelly KLS – Sinusoidal BLDC/PMSM Controllers

Smooth drive!  High density!  High efficiency! Wide range!  Low noise!  Low emission!

Kelly KLS-8080N – Opto-Isolated Motor Controllers

Low voltage human-interface!  High Power!  Compact! Wide range! Precision Engineering!

Kelly KAC-8080N – AC Induction Controllers

Opto-isolation!  Rugged system!  Low cost! Easy calibration!  Completely sealed!  Low emission!


New 84V series controllers

Operating up to 100V! Reasonable cost! Fully utilize your battery! Please see 8080N series controllers and Brushless high current controllers .

Expanded the Series!

High current, small size, high accuracy. Built-in monitoring microcontroller! Peak current up to 450A,Comparable to Curtis instruments 6A. Please see Mini controller.

New Product: Mini Sinusoidal BLDC/PMSM Controllers

Mini KLS-N – Sinusoidal Brushless Permanent Magnet Motor Controller Mini KVD – Trapezoidal Brushless Motor Controller Ultra small! Full functions! Great performance! High peak current! High continuous current!

About Us

At Kelly Controls our mission is to provide technology that delivers high-quality performance for an affordable price, leading toward a clean and sustainable future. Our expansive production line covers a wide range of essential motor products and accessories, including controllers for electric vehicles, boats, and gliders, designed for industry and enthusiast use. Our commitment to producing top-of-the-range products and our dedicated ethos make us one of the world’s leading manufacturers in the motor controller and power electronics sector. Innovation, growth, and high quality are the driving forces behind our company’s success.