Sinusoidal 3-Phase Motor Controllers for Brushless DC (BLDC) Motors and Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motors (PMSM) using FOC and SVPWM; optionally select Trapezoidal Six-Step Commutation.

Kelly KLS programmable motor controllers provide efficient, smooth and quiet controls for electric motorcycles, golf carts and go-carts; as well as industrial motor control. KLS controllers are mainly designed to solve noise problems of BLDC motor driving application. Compared to the traditional trapezoidal waveform control technology, this technique based on sinusoidal wave driving  technology is to reduce the operation noise and 1/3 switching loss, which well meets the noise reduction and efficiency requirements in the application of DC brushless motors. It uses high power MOSFETs, SVPWM and FOC to achieve efficiencies of up to 99% in most cases. A powerful microprocessor brings in comprehensive and precise control to the controllers. It also allows users to adjust parameters, conduct tests, and obtain diagnostic information quickly and easily.

High-current Motor Controllers (36-84V)(400-800A)

High efficiency controller, high continuous current, low cost, minimum overshoot, nice waveform.

Features surface mount MOSFETs on an aluminum PCB for superior heat dissipation.

IP66 rated waterproof controller by default.