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    Donald Wright

    Hi, I’ve been designing, for the last passe 8 year, a dual-stator PMSM, radial type. I call it the quadrupole motor

    I would like to know if it’s possible to use the KLS-M/N series controller to perform such a task without any further electrical configuration?

    Because it’s radial type, the inner and outer stator have different winding turns (7 for the outer and 4 for the inner) and different air-gap flux density cause by the PMs. Nevertheless, the stators geometries remans the same. The six-phase motor is built by splitting the three-phase winding into two groups, the inner and the outer stators. You can find more information on my blog: http://openvolta.blogspot.com/2013/ and http://openvolta.blogspot.com/2014/11/controlling-3-speed-quadrupole-motor.html

    I do believe that it will work. the thing is how do I tune the 2 inverters to use the same throttle? I could probably use a small Arduino board to control the speed since the outer stator will limit the speed because of higher flux linkage. As speed reaches maximum, I can turn off the the inverter connected to the outer stator. Is that an acceptable solution?

    Will I need a signal amplifier between the 3 hall sensors and both inverters?

    One last question, as mentioned, the motor is a PMSM or PMAC and not a BLDC. Is the KLS-M/N series controller a wise choice? I would believe yes because it does generate a sine wave.

    Thanks for your help.

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