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    Hello, I recently upgraded my portable to Windows10. Previously, it was in Windows7 and communication was good with controller.
    I have installed your USB-to-RS232 driver.
    Now I get a Read Data Error message.
    Can you please suggest a solution?
    Thank you.



    Does someone from Kelly controls monitors this forum?

    Sometimes, I also have this other error message:
    “Controller no power or RS232 cable disconnect”
    Yes the controller has power, and the cable (with its adapter)is connected.
    This worked fine before.



    Can someone reply to this, please?
    I cannot adjust anything on the controller anymore. Is there another way to communicate with this controller?



    Hi there,
    I am a kls-s user too and i will try and help you as much as i can.

    Kelly’s config programs work the best on win7 machine as there are less chances for the rs232 driver to get corrupted.

    I have 5 controllers from here and i always use win7 machine in order to programme.

    One other way can be bluetooth. Via a android (only) phone or tablet.

    Hope this helps



    My problem is resolved now. I had to contact Kelly directly by email.
    Fany replied to me and said to do this:

    Right-click on the program icon.
    Click on the tab: Compatibility
    Enable the option: Run this program in compatibility mode.
    Choose: Windows XP SP3.
    Click apply.

    That worked perfectly. It can also be used on old programs that you want to use on Windows 10.

    Thanks for your reply!



    Good to hear that !! Have fun and safe riding.


    Jeff McKnight

    So this forum is not monitored by Kelly?

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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