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    We are using KLS7245HC to drive a 48volts 3KW nominal (6KW Peak) Bldc motor. After testing the motor under no-load (@ 4000RPM) the motor is heating up, and in just 10-15 mins the temperature reaches the cut-off & the controller shows Motor over heating error. What could possibly be the reasons for the over heating, other than wrong phase connections as we have tried all possibe phase configurations and the motor heats up in all the configuration.




    There are three thicker wires on the motor.They are phase wires,yellow,green,blue.
    Please connect yellow,green,blue to U,V and W terminal of controller respectively.
    There are five thinner wires on the motor also.Five thinner wires should be on a connector.This is the hall connector.
    Please connect the hall sensor wires(red,yellow,blue,green,black) to the controller hall connector which is a 6pin connector.
    The 6pin connector of hall sensors on controller included purple,yellow,green,blue and black wires.
    So obviously red to purple,the other wires should be hooked up according to the same color code.

    Anyway please try to do identification angle operation before running the motor.
    And please don’t try to connect the controller to user program while the motor is still running,let alone change the setting.
    That is to say,if you want to connect controller to user program or try to do programming,please stop the motor first.
    This is the most important thing.

    If you can send me an email,I can send the instructions of identification and simple wiring diagram for your reference.
    My email address is


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