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    I am having an issue connecting my computer to my KHB12151 controller in order to configure it

    . The controller is functional, and drives my motor with the default settings. I need to limit the maximum motor speed. I have downloaded the KHB configuration program, connected the controller PWR and GND to a 24V benchtop power supply, and the controller indicator LED is blinking red when powered on. I am using a USB to RS232 cable that I purchased from Kelly several years ago for a previous project. The USB to RS232 cable shows up as COM 7 in the device manager, does not throw any errors, and I have used with other RS232 devices.

    When I connect the controller, open the configurator, and select yes, the configurator shows the following error:

    “The configurable program is provided only for Kelly KBL-I/KHB/HP/HPM series controller. For other series controller, please go to download corresponding version.”

    I have done the following troubleshooting actions:
    1. I’ve uninstalled, redownloaded, and reinstalled the software and USB cable driver multiple times.
    2. I’ve disconnected the controller from the PC and started the configuration software. It shows the correct “controller isn’t connected” type message
    3. I’ve downloaded, installed, and tried the configuration programs for every Kelly controller on the website. None of the other programs work either.

    It’s very frustrating, as I have a KHB controller, and this is the KHB configuration program! I do not believe I am doing anything incorrectly, this is not my first Kelly Controller. I believe the problem is the configuration program. This is a professional prototype project, and I’m approaching my deadline very quickly.

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