Kelly EV Power Unit OBC + DC/DC Converter (220VAC Input) (48V-156V Output)

Kelly EV Power Unit integrates a high-efficient on-board charger and a DC/DC converter. It saves space, weight, and cabling, thereby minimizing the cost of inventory, installation, and service. It is quite efficient and reliable with a compact size. It is designed for electric vehicles, such as electric sedan, electric van, electric golf, electric light truck etc.

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Additional information

Weight 9 lbs

Battery type * 

Lithium charger data

When the charger is used to charge lithium batteries, please provide the following data:
1. Number of cells. e.g.24 cells
2. The nominal voltage of a single cell. e.g. 3.2V
3. The maximum voltage of a single cell. e.g. 4.2V
4. Maximum battery pack capacity. e.g.100AH.

ModelOBC Output PowerOBC Output CurrentDC/DC Output Power


1.Features of On-Board Charger

  • High efficiency, light weight and quiet operation
  • Automatic operation for ALL Lead Acid Batteries Flooded, AGM or Gel Cell, and Lithium Batteries.
  • With powerful microcontroller, can more intelligently manage and maintain each cell, improve battery utilization, prevent battery overcharge and discharge, pro-long battery life, and monitor battery status.
  • With cooling fan, good heat dissipation
  • LED indicator light, all aluminum shell, beautiful and reliable
  • Input/output protections
  • Intelligent charging: stop work after charging completed; auto recharge when the battery voltage is lower than the set value.
  • IP66enclosure
  • Safety Standard: 1(iec364-4-41)

2.Features of DC/DC Converter

  • No arc
  • Can be controlled by key switch directly, no need of external relay
  • Input/output protections
  • Low standby current: 1mA
  • Isolate between input and output
  • IP66enclosure