KHS – High Voltage Opto-Isolated Sinusoidal Motor Controllers (320V-360V) (200A-500A)

High voltage controller using IGBTs,minimum overshoot, nice waveform.

Superior heat dissipation, IP66 rated waterproof controller by default.

Built-in Supervising micro.




Additional information

Weight 16 lbs

Only for Sealed Aluminium Housing

None 35pin Plug and Play Cable +$29.00

9-32V must be provided for logic supply, best isolated from main battery for protection.
Users may use an isolated DC/DC converter or a (12V or 24V) separate  battery for power supply.

Model with Hall Sensor Model with Sin/Cos Sensor Nominal Voltage Maximum Operating VoltagePeak Current
2 Minute
Continuous Current
Kelly KHS - High Voltage Opto-Isolated Sinusoidal Wave Brushless DC Motor Controller

General functions

  • External LED error codes indicator. Customers can read the error code in PC software or Android Tablet also.
  • Monitoring battery voltage. It will stop driving if the battery voltage is too high and it will progressively cut back motor drive power as battery voltage drops until it cuts out altogether at the preset “Low Battery Voltage” setting.
  • Built-in current loop and over current protection.
  • Configurable motor temperature protection range.
  • Current cutback at low temperature and high temperature to protect battery and controller. The current begins to ramp down at 90℃ case temperature, shutting down at 110℃.
  • The controller keeps monitoring and battery recharging voltage during regen braking.
  • Maximum reverse speed and forward speed can be configured between 20% and 100% respectively and separately.
  • A 4pin connector to RS232 port and a Z-TEK USB to RS232 cable allows for configuration, programming and software upgrades using the tablet which must be based on Android OS now. People can do the same things on PC software by using a standard USB to RS232 cable instead.
  • Provision of a +5 volt and +12 volt output to supply various kinds of hall sensors.
  • 5 switch inputs which are activated by connection to 12V. Default to throttle switch, brake switch, reversing switch, forward switch and Boost switch.
  • 3 analog 0-5V inputs that default to throttle input, Brake analog input and motor temperature input
  • Copy signal of one of sensors.
  • Configurable boost switch. Enables the maximum output power achievable if the switch is turned on. The effect is the same as full throttle position even if you don’t turn throttle at all.
  • 12V brake switch input used different port from motor temperature sensor. You can use both brake switch and motor temperature sensor functions at the same time on the latest version. Pin 25 is 12V brake switch input port.Pin1 is motor temperature sensor input port.
  • Configurable motor over-temperature detection and protection with the recommended thermistor KTY84-130/150 or KTY83-122.
  • 3 hall position sensor inputs. Open collector, pull up provided. Sin/Cosin Speed sensors inputs. Can not support Resolver sensor type.
  • Brake analog regen mode. This regen mode doesn’t need brake switch to support any more.
  • Enhanced regen brake function. A novel ABS technique provides powerful and smooth regen. The regen can happen at any speeds until zero speed.
  • Cruise control. Only can be activated in forward direction.
  • KHS-N/NPS can support Broadcast type CAN bus function. It is 250Kbps.By default, KHS-N/NPS controller includes CAN bus function.
  • Bluetooth function. Required a small Bluetooth converter which needs to be purchased in addition from our website. This small converter is only useful for KHS controller.
  • Can support three speed function on the latest version.


  • Frequency of Operation: 10-20KHz(by default 10KHz).
  • Standby Battery Current: < 0.5mA.
  • 5V or 12V Sensor Supply Current: total 40mA.
  • Controller logic supply voltage,Logic PWR: 18-30V.
  • Configurable battery voltage range, B+. Max operating range: 180V-450V.
  • Standard Throttle Input: 0-5 Volts(3-wire resistive pot), 1-4 Volts(hall active throttle).
  • Throttle Input: 0-5 Volts. Can use 3-wire pot to produce 0-5V signal.
  • Full Power Operating Temperature Range: 0℃ to 70℃(MOSFET temperature).
  • Operating Temperature Range: -40℃to 110℃ (MOSFET temperature).
  • Max Battery Current : Configurable.


Kelly KHS Controllers User Manual

Kelly KHS Configuration Program (PC Version)

Kelly KHS Configuration Program (Android Version)

Monitoring for Sine Cosine signal of KHS-NPS (PC Version)

Monitoring for Sine Cosine signal of KHS-NPS (Android Version)

35Pin Connector Wiring Diagram for KLS-8080N/KHS Controller